The System's Jimmy the Murderdog Fan Art Contest

After much deliberating and procrastinating, we finally have it. The entries to the Jimmy the Murderdog fan contest. I ran out of good ideas of how to post these, but instead of coming up with a better idea I'm just posting them all here. At the bottom, after you've seen them all, I announce the winner.

First up is Systemic "Skull a Day" Scalin.

This one by the great Systemic Steve Baird.

The one the only Systemic Bree.

The amazing Systemic Bryan Prindiville.

Systemic Casey "Bargeek" Conan.

The one and only Systemic Steve "Dark Places" Dismukes.

Systemic Chris "The Impact" Impink.

Systemic and surfer dude Kilika sent in two, both with awesome dogs.

Of course the amazingly talented Jami "Angry Zen Master" Noguchi.

Systemic and all around nice dude Slonie.

The man whom I've promised the most guest strips, Systemic Charles Snow.

And the first of all the entires I received who has therefore waited the longest for his day in the sun, Systemic Doctor Taco.

The amazing Systemic Blondie who hand-sculpted her entry and gave it to me at Connecticon.

The enigmaticly awesome Systemic Ghostfreehood.


Okay, onto the results. After lots of tough deliberation, I have to give it to...

Systemic Blondie's amazing sculpted murderdog entry! That entry stands out to me so much, I have to give the woman some props. She will be soon receiving her JTMD-related swag. The rest of you get my undying love and adoration, and stay tuned to the site for further action items which will be acted upon in much faster fashion.

The rest of you, please keep writing in, commenting on the site, and otherwise just showing up! Without you, it wouldn't be a website. Well, it would, it would just be sad.