Future World Problems: The DodecaDown

UPDATE: Here’s today’s comic on Reddit. Consider giving it a vote here or on whatever site you like to share things on.

This week will be full of comics by my fellow webcomic creators and the creme de la creme of visual entries to the FutureWorldProblems contest I mentioned the other day. If you like this charming entry, check out the original post with FutureWorldProblems here, or the first comic on the subject here.

As of this writing, I’m still looking for a few entries for the guest comic week! Put them together or email me (systemcomic at gmail) for questions.

Today’s comes from the incomparable Chris “The Impact” Impink who is the artist behind Sledgebunny, a fairly new webcomic about a girl trying to make it in a roller derby team. But he’s no newbie to the webcomic arena, Chris has been working on Fragile Gravity since before you knew what a webcomic was. As you can see with the comic above, the man is amazing. Sledgebunny is 43 pages in, that’s enough to get you hooked and want to bookmark it, and clearly you should. He’s on Twitter too. Also, ROLLER DERBY ZOMBIE FIGHT.

Check the blog soon for some details about the last two cons I attended (Intervention and Wild Pig con) and stay tuned for more FutureWorldProblems week!


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UPDATE: I’m now running a contest based on this thread, you should check out the latest comic post for more details. I also updated this with more as of Thursday afternoon. THIS IS NOT THE COMPLETE COLLECTION. Merely what I saw when I tried to search for them and pick out some highlights. Go search it on Twitter here to see more.

This morning I started a hashtag on twitter that started the whole world laughing. It’s called #futureworldproblem and here are some posted so far:

  • My super double hyper local blog only has 5 readers. 4 are my robot servants, the last is my mom. #futureworldproblems
  • The dream police start really cracking down. #futureworldproblems
  • Google Wave comes back as an actual tidal wave that wipes out the eastern seaboard. #futureworldproblems
  • My robot is only programmed to serve me single martinis and not doubles. #futureworldproblem
  • Teleporter is on the fritz. Going to have to fly my car to work. #futureworldproblem
  • Using tubes to zoom all over town sometimes makes me a little nauseus. #futureworldproblem
  • The phone in my head doesn’t great reception as the one in my watch and I have to transfer all my contacts manually. #futureworldproblems
  • I forgot where I parked my invisible spaceship. #futureworldproblems
  • Dammit George Jetson’s dumb dog peed on my lawn while muttering something about “ruh roh”. AGAIN. #futureworldproblems
  • The consumer version of the LHC, the Small Hadron Collider, only comes in black, white, and avocado. I wanted sky blue. #futureworldproblems
  • Just found out my girlfriend is a Cylon, but she’s Jewish. So my mom’s happy but Adama is pissed. #futureworldproblems

From @revvoice:

  • My interociter is on the fritz… http://tinyurl.com/2wasbvc #futureworldproblem

From @martyfnday:

  • This meal pill is overcooked! #futureworldproblem
  • The zipper in the only jumpsuit I ever have to wear, ever is jammed. #futureworldproblem
  • President Jeb Bush #futureworldproblems
  • Having TV in the eye is great! Minus the ads that take up your whole field of vision. #badfordrivingflyingcars #futureworldproblems
  • Facebook sure got weird when it mandated images of all of our genitals. #futureworldproblems #yourecrazyforthisonezuck


  • Betty White just won’t stop yammering! #futureworldproblems

From @scubaninja:

  • The vacusuck toilet is stuck on suck, and I didn’t notice it until *after* I sat down. #futureworldproblem

From @spkr4thedead51:

  • You mean #wmata is in charge of the global mass transit system? #futureworldproblem
  • Those bastards blew it up #futureworldproblems #amidoingitright?
  • Where the hell is my flying car #futureworldproblems
  • whose idea was it to use dilithium crystals anyway? they fry out every time there’s any sort of power fluctuation! #futureworldproblems
  • Still can’t watch movies in 3D without those stupid fucking glasses #futureworldproblems

From @drewdernavich:

  • What’s the password for my kidneys? #futureworldproblems
  • Google Instant Mother-in-Law has some, um, annoying bugs that need to be worked out. #futureworldproblems
  • Senator Yoko Ono is once again running for re-election unopposed. #futureworldproblems

From @lionthetiger:

  • My twitter feed is stuck in open and keeps blocking my vision. I need to reboot my brain. #futureworldproblems
  • Facebook privacy is “broken” (by design) and is autoposting my every thought to the whole world. #futureworldproblems
  • #Fuck #and #damn #this #twitter #virus #forces #me #to #think #in #hashtags #futureworldproblems

From @JoshRockCity:

  • My iPhone still can’t make any phone calls. #futureworldproblems
  • I just know my flying car is going to fall out of the sky the minute its paid for. #futureworldproblems
  • My X-ray glasses can’t see through underwear anymore either. #futureworldproblems

From @ironsolo:

  • My sex robot is cheating on me with the robot maid.#futureworldproblems

From @bluntcakes:

  • My antigravity moonboots don’t have the 25+ feet bounce in them like they used to. #futureworldproblems
  • My roomba has demanded union representation. #futureworldproblems


  • Introducing the new KFC DodecaDown. #futureworldproblems


  • #futureworldproblems Shortage of trash threatens use of Mr. Fusion worldwide.
  • #futureworldproblems Bacon prices continue to skyrocket.
  • #futureworldproblems Burglar’s Guild gives “Lifetime Achievement Award” to developers of FourSquare.


  • My sexbot’s batteries ran out 🙁 #futureworldproblems


  • Flash CS27 keeps crashing on me, argh stupid Adobesoft. #futureworldproblems


  • Taiwan accuses China of hurting it’s solar power production by forming big clouds from the ocean with submarines #futureworldproblems
  • We’ve already gone to Mars twice on vacation; let’s go someplace else this time. #futureworldproblems
  • You just plug yourself in and be grateful Z-39! Don’t you know there are starving robots in Africa?  #futureworldproblems
  • My holodeck cleaning service wants to raise the rates again! #futureworldproblems
  • I hate that the vaccine that cures everything for the rest of my life gave me the sniffles for 15 minutes #futureworldproblems


  • The line at the DHV (Department of Hover Vehicles) is SO LONG. I had to wait an entire MINUTE yesterday! #futureworldproblems
  • All of Raul Julia’s great works are lost, leaving him remembered as “That guy from Street Fighter” #futureworldproblems
  • Japan genetics experts to discover a way to birth children who look like anime characters. #futureworldproblems


  • #futureworldproblems Ashton Kutcher starring in “Dude, Where’s My Hovercar.”


  • I don’t have time to teleport down to Radio Shack to buy replacement nuclear cells for my cyborg body. #futureworldproblems


  • I can’t remember what singing sounds like without autotune #futureworldproblems


  • I remember when 300 lbs. was obese, not anorexic #futureworldproblems

That gives you some idea of how it works. As of now it’s still going strong, so let’s use just the plural #futureworldproblems moving forward, and see what we can come up with! Add them in the commentsor on Twitter.

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The System 301: Future Words

Pineapple cheese stander.

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The System 258


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The System 181

It’s true. It’s the fucking future.

Btw, today is the last day to preorder a shirt and save $5.  Go do that here!

UPDATE: We’re extending the deadline for preorders through the end of the weekend because that’s how long it’s going to take me to switch over the store from “preorder” to “order”.  Take advantage of this fluke right now!

ANOTHER UPDATE: Systemic Lextrical wrote a song about this comic. You can listen to it here »

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